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Committed to Keeping Your Business Squeaky Clean!

Owner's Bio:

Our founder Debra A. Hatfield is a beloved wife & mother of 4 who started Deb's Cleaning Service in 1990 with a dream to provide an easier option with a quality guarantee to businesses looking for a professional option at a reasonable price. The only thing brighter than her smile is her company's squeaky clean reputation.  

Company Bio:

Debs's Cleaning Service was started 32 years ago to offer a better option of routine cleaning to companies in Buffalo, MN, and the surrounding areas.

Since 1990 the company has grown into a dependable cleaning service recommended by over 80+ businesses and corporations who share the belief in Quality over Quantity. With Deb's Cleaning service you will get quality work worth every penny that will reflect in the shine of every clean surface.   

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